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Joining Keyrus Biopharma gives you the opportunity to showcase your talents and potential, to build up experience through missions at clients, with the opportunity to grow depending on your capabilities and affinities, in a great working and dynamic atmosphere.

We employ women and men sharing the following values that are behind our success:

  • Respect for commitments
  • Corporate spirit
  • Continuous quest for quality of service
  • Focus on targeted areas of expertise
  • Close working relationships with the client
  • Continuous monitoring of our areas of expertise in order to provide innovative solutions for our clients

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Diversity of skills and experiences, a keystone for Keyrus Biopharma’s success

  • Company contacts : list of values departments:
    • Clinical & Business operations
    • Regulatory Affairs 
    • Biometry 
    • Quality Assurance
    • Pharmacovigilance 
    • Medical&Scientific Writing 
    • Medical Affairs 
    • Health Economics/Epidemiology
    • Manufacturing/supply chain 

  • Job Categories – list of values : same as above.

Career Opportunities

Last update: 21-09-2018

Consulting Recruiter 

Region:Not specified
Senior Recruiter to ...en savoir plus

Non-Clinical Statistician 

Region:Not specified
Statistical Analysis, SAS, R, Quality Control,... ...en savoir plus
Clinical & Business operations

Business Excellence Lead 

Region:Not specified
We are looking to hire a permanent employee in Business Operations and Quality at ...en savoir plus

Clinical Development Consultant 

Region:Not specified
Clinical Research, Compliance Monitoring,, Clinical Trials, Phase I to ...en savoir plus

Clinical Research Associate  

Region:Not specified
Clinical Research Associate, Clinical Trials, Monitoring, Compliance monitoring, Good Clinical Practices... ...en savoir plus

Clinical Trial Assistant 

Region:Not specified
Clinical Trial Submissions, Pharmacology, Clinical Trial Management Systems, Trial Master File... ...en savoir plus

Contract Manager 

Region:Not specified
Contract Management, Pharmaceutical Industry,... ...en savoir plus

HR Administrator Consultant 

Region:Not specified
Human Resources, Talent Management, Talent development, Pharmaceutical Industry,... ...en savoir plus
Data Management

Study Set-up Analyst  

Region:Not specified
Clinical Study; Data Management; Clinical Programming; Study Setup ...en savoir plus
Medical Affairs

Medical Affairs Consultant 

Region:Not specified
Medical Affairs, Project coordinator, Promotional material, Database, Content Lab... ...en savoir plus
Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance - GMP Specialist  

Region:Not specified
Quality Assurance, GMP, GxP, Quality agreements, CAPA, Pharmaceutical industry, Biology...etc. ...en savoir plus

Quality Assurance GMP Specialist (serialization) 

Region:Not specified
Quality Assurance, GMP environment, Pharmaceutical industry, Deviations, Serialization,... ...en savoir plus
Regulatory Affairs

Regulatory Affairs - Technical Regulatory Writer 

Region:Not specified
Regulatory Affairs - Technical Writer CMC modules 2 and ...en savoir plus
R&D - Laboratory

Formulation Scientist - GMP/Sterile environment 

Region:Not specified
Formulation Scientist, Product development, parenteral liquid, lyophilized product development, cGMP, sterile DP development ...en savoir plus